What’s the Difference Between Regular House Cleaning and Bond Cleaning?

Regular House Cleaning vs Bond Cleaning

What’s the Difference Between Regular House Cleaning and Bond Cleaning?

Cleaning your home is daunting, especially if you are tackling it alone. It can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t know where to start cleaning. But not all cleaning is the same. 

Cleaning is something that most people do regularly to remove dirt and dust from their homes. On the other hand, bond cleaning is something that tenants do to reclaim their bond money from the property owner/landlord when the lease agreement expires.

Whether you are moving out of a rental property and need to do bond cleaning or just doing regular house cleaning, there is a difference between the two services. Let’s take a look at what sets them apart.

Regular House Cleaning vs Bond Cleaning

When it comes to regular house cleaning, this type of service focuses on maintaining cleanliness around the house on an ongoing basis. It may include dusting, vacuuming, mopping floors, wiping down surfaces, polishing furniture, scrubbing windows and mirrors, etc. The focus is on keeping the home tidy from day to day. It’s also important to note that regular house cleaning typically does not include deep-cleaning tasks such as shampooing carpets or steam-cleaning furniture and curtains.

Bond cleaning is different in that it is performed when tenants vacate a rental property. It typically involves more thorough deep-cleaning tasks than regular house cleaning, such as shampooing carpets, steam cleaning furniture and curtains, scrubbing walls and bathroom fixtures, etc. Other tasks may also be included in bond cleaning, such as removing cobwebs from hard-to-reach places or replacing light bulbs if needed. Bond cleaning aims to ensure all areas of the property are thoroughly cleaned so that landlords can give the bond money back in full from tenants when they move out.

What Is Bond Money?

Bond money, or bond cleaning fees, is paid by tenants to help cover any end-of-lease cleaning they may need to take care of before vacating the property. This amount is typically between one and three weeks’ rent, depending on the size and condition of the rental. Tenants must pay the bond money upfront as security against any damage done to the property during their tenancy. It’s a safety measure for landlords to ensure that tenants leave the premises in clean, top-notch condition, covering any repair costs that may arise due to tenant damages. The bond money will be returned once all cleaning has been completed and any damages are accounted for following an inspection from a landlord or property agent.

To save their bond money, most tenants hire professional end-of-lease cleaning services. There is no legal arrangement for regular cleaning, and you have no landlords to please except yourself. The landowner or real estate agency may claim your security deposit if the house is in poor condition.

Professional Cleaning Services in Perth

Bond cleaning requires better tools and personnel to ensure flawless service. Remember that the chance of getting your deposit back lies in the quality of your bond cleaning. If your landlord is not satisfied, you might not get it back. If you hire professional cleaners, you work with people who know what to do. They know what cleaning quality the landlord expects, so you have better chances of getting your bond back.

On the other hand, regular cleaning has no such requirements and does not necessitate professional cleaners. That also means that deep cleaning can be more expensive. Even so, investing in a professional cleaning service within your budget is preferable to put your security deposit at risk.


Overall, there is a clear distinction between regular house cleaning and bond cleaning services; one focuses on daily maintenance, while the other requires more thorough deep-cleaning tasks to ensure all areas of the property are adequately cleaned before tenants move out. Whether you need regular housekeeping services or bond cleaners for moving out of a rental property in Perth, Precision Property Services can give you 100% quality cleaning services. Contact us for a free quote.