What is a Property Condition Report and Why Should You Take it Seriously?

What is Property Condition Report

What is a Property Condition Report and Why Should You Take it Seriously?

New to the renting game? Not sure what to expect? It’s only natural to feel a little anxious when you first start renting out someone’s property. After all, the whole process can be overwhelming- and that’s especially true if you’re just looking to move out of your current living situation ASAP. 


Aside from the first step in the process, which involves jumping from one rental viewing to the next, weighing up all the pros and cons of each property, and then finally deciding on which one suits you best, you also have to go through the rigmarole of filling out application forms, waiting in anticipation for a response, and then in the best case scenario, preparing for the move itself after getting accepted. Then, there’s rental inspections to consider afterward, as well as the property condition report, which is prepared by the landlord at the start and end of each tenancy.


Need us to break it down for you further? Luckily, we’ve gone into the nitty gritty about property conditions reports, including why they’re so relevant for you as a tenant: 

What the Property Condition Report Involves

A property condition report is prepared by the landlord within a week of the tenant’s move in. This document describes and contains photos of the property’s condition before the tenant’s move-in. A copy is presented to the tenant so that they may review it and enter in any objections before it is returned to the landlord. At the end of each tenancy, a second property condition report is prepared and used in conjunction with the first report, so as to dispute any damages that have occurred or repairs that are needed. 

Why It’s So Important

So, why is the property condition report so important for tenants to consider? Well, it plays a vital role in determining whether or not you get your bond returned back, or if your bond money should be put towards compensating the landlord. 

There are a lot of things people tend to skim read without paying proper attention to detail, or skip reading entirely; but your property condition report shouldn’t be one of them. It’s absolutely vital that you review the first property condition report that is presented to you thoroughly, and make the appropriate changes if you need to dispute any statements. This will save you a lot of angst when it comes time for you to vacate; you don’t want to be held responsible for damages that were already there before you moved in. 

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